About Us

“We are a service company that can be structured to fit your particular needs. 

We can assist in all areas of the Design & Construction process for residential and commercial projects”



We have been fulfilling the ideas and visions of our clients since 1986 in the United States, Great Britain, Uruguay, and Argentina.
​Established in the US since 2006 with its main office in Henderson, Nevada and full-time representation in Manhattan, New York, NEW WINGS has been serving clients in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Aspen, Palm Beach, and Chicago. From commercial to residential projects, our company provides a wide variety of services involving design, construction, and décor.


With a very strong background in design and construction, we have been building our designs for over 30 years. This knowledge has given us an edge allowing us to provide accurate estimates and to accomplish ultimate looks and deadlines within budgets for our clients.


We began serving clients who came to us with a specific need such as interior decoration. As time passed, we learned from them what they really needed. In both commercial and residential projects, our clients were looking for a company capable of offering a “One Stop Shop” due to the multiple problems that can arise during the construction process, from the selection to the hiring and managing of the right professionals, trades, and sub-constructors.  These intricacies of the construction business often created stress, frustrations, and a tremendous waste of time, money and energy.


For two years we searched in the market for a service that could meet our clients’ individual needs, but if it existed, it has escaped us until now. That is why we decided to develop our own service with enough flexibility to accommodate a specific plan geared to the needs, hopes and expectations of each client.
In the pursuit of this goal we grew organically expanding our services at our client’s requests. Today the scope of our services encompasses interior design, interior decoration, construction, air conditioning, electrical, iron work, furniture & fixtures fabrication, and drapery among others. We can also work as Owners Representatives or Construction Managers covering a much larger scope of services and locations.