• ·     Design-Build and or General Contracting / Construction
  • ·     Design services
  • ·     Air conditioning and heating
  • ·     Electrical
  • ·     Iron work
  • ·     Furniture fixtures and equipment (FF&E)
  • ·     Art
Design-Build / General Contracting / Construction

Rather than being consumed by the burden of coordinating the work of the different professionals and trades involved in your commercial or residential project, we do it for you, from soup to nuts -design, selection and overseeing of sub-contractors, suggesting and purchasing materials and equipment, fixtures, etc. Even after completion, we follow up to assure the job was performed precisely to your specifications.


As your Design-Build company, we hire the right professionals, trades, and sub-contractors, and we coordinate and manage their work from beginning to end. We have the capacity to perform many of the trades involved or we can manage those that our clients would like to hire. By funneling all aspects of the operation, we assure our clients design consolidation, a budget optimization, and communication conflicts reduction. 


When hired as Design Build company, NEW WINGS can provide its own construction drawings as part of its construction service. Naturally, when hired only as a general constructor or construction company, we follow the specifications of the construction documents provided by our client.


Working with a “big picture mentality” has helped us to save our clients from 15% to 25% of the amount they originally contemplated in their budgets. 


B-2 #78219 - General Contractor – Limit $7,250,000

Design Services

• Architecture

• Interior Design

• Space design concepts

• Furniture & décor layout study
• Window treatments

• Decoration
• Finishes and material selection
• Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) selection
• Artwork creation & selection
• Accessorizing selection
• Purchasing
• Design consulting

• Renderings (Computer Generated and or Hand Drawings)

Air Conditioning and Heating

Full C-21 #73628 - Design-Build – Limit $7,250,000 – Open Shop​ - Residential and Commercial

• New Installations
• Remodel
• Ductwork
• HVAC design
• Air filtration
• Service and repair
• Automation
• Preventive Maintenance
• Installation Upgrades


For the following systems:
                Hydronic systems
                Cooling Towers
                Package units
                Split and mini split systems
                Swamp coolers
                Zone systems

Iron Work

C-14  #83917 - Limit $7,250,000 Residential and Commercial


• Miscellaneous Metals
• Fences & Gates
• Ornamental 

• Railing

• Ladders

• Hatches

• Trash Enclosures

• Screens 

• Awnings 

• Shelves
• Custom Works




Full C-2 #75477 - Design-Build – Limit $7,250,000 – Open Shop - Residential and Commercial


• Electrical design
• New installations
• Remodel
• Service and repair
• Low voltage
• Preventive maintenance
• Installation upgrades

Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E)

Furniture Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E)

• Design
• Value engineering for items designed by others
• Shop drawings
• Fabrication 
• Purchasing
• Maintenance

For the following:
                 Iron Work


                 Upholster Wall Coverings

                 Acoustic Ceiling Panels

                 Custom Made Items



• Originals and copies
• Commissioned artwork
• Digital images (Photoshop, Illustrator)
• Advise in the acquisition of different artwork

• Sculpture design and fabrication

• Glass work

• Custom made art by request